Spirit Voices! 1/8/16


Today I’m receiving the impression of a younger man who has dark hair and is thin and well built,,,he appears dressed in skater attire, In life he was full of energy and motivation, but the situation turned for him and he became addicted to some type of narcotic, possibly heroin. He passed due to an overdose and wasn’t quite sure what happened. He felt his Spirit slip from his body and was very confused. I get the name Dave and a connection to someone named Sarah. He seems to be trying to influence one of his former friend to keep him from the same path. I get the impression of St Petersburg, Florida.

In mundane things:

I have availability for phone readings this evening as well as spots for groups readings throughout January, weather permitting. If you have tried to reach me via Keen.com their system isn’t working correctly once again so the better choice is my private line.

Machts Gut!

R. Scott

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