Spirit Voices 1/7/16


The images I’m receiving today are of an older man with a long and greying beard. He is struggling against the cold in winter and is wearing torn gloves and a thread bare hat. He seems to have been homeless and passed due to exposure and hunger. His Spirit seems to appear under an overpass on the outskirts of a large city, perhaps Philadelphia. The still living homeless avoid the area as his Spirit makes them uncomfortable.  The man has a large family but was estranged from them at the time of his death,,,the family doesn’t know that he passed and he is buried in a paupers grave.

Mundane things:

I have availability for phone readings this evening and I still have some availability for Group readings in January weather permitting. I’ll have more information about the new venture soon, but I’m waiting for mercury to go direct again before making any moves in that direction. I’m contemplating taking Feri students again, but I haven’t made up my mind as to the where’s and whatfor’s …I’ll keep you posted if I make a concrete decision…If I decide to do this it would be private one on one lessons and not for everyone…I would heavily vet interested parties. Oh and my Feri will be taught in an Urglaawe context. Urglaawische Feri so to speak.

Machts Gut!

R. Scott



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