Spirit Voices! 1/5/16


Today I’m receiving the impression of a young man, in his early 20’s…I believe he worked for some time as a lifeguard at a seaside resort. He was outgoing and full of life, with a strong group of friends around him. He passed away due to a sudden and virulent illness, that sapped him of his Spirit and will to continue. I’m seeing him around his old place of employment…trying to get the attention of the lifeguards who work there now. He moves objects around and influences computer systems…He seems to be around a young woman named Maggie a great deal. He’s not ready to cross over, and in fact refuses to do so…he seems to have a message for someone in his family, but yet he is rarely around them, favoring his old job.

In mundane things…I’ll have more info on the new venture coming soon…Mercury is retrograde, so most of the work getting this venture off the ground will wait until the planet goes direct again.

I have availability for phone readings this evening and have spots available for group readings throughout Jaanuary, weather permitting.

Machts Gut!

R. Scott

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