Spirit Voices 8/24/15


Today I am receiving the image of a man in his late 20’s…a victim of a motorcycle accident, he is tall with light, almost reddish hair….it seems the there was a collision with a large tractor trailer, somewhere on a dark highway late at night. The man was recently married and had a small child, a toddler. The wife is now remarried, and the child is grown. I get the nam “Hal” or perhaps “Hank” ….the Spirit of the man has never really left his family and turns the lights on and off in their home. The daughter saw him when she was young, but now doesn’t…I feel as if the daughter is old enough now to be married, and is planning to do so…she has her father’s blessing…he is with her all the time, even though she never really knew him in life.

If this means anything to anyone, please contact me.

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