Impressions from Spirit 6/8/15



Today we have images of a marsh, there is a large concrete pit in the marsh filled with brackish water. Seagulls hover above.  I see a beach nearby and people walking dogs. There is a youngish man with dark hair and a beard walking a black lab. The gulls are diving at the dog. I get the name “Jack” or “Jackie” and the image of a copper coin- an Indian head penny. The point of view shifts back to the concrete pit- there is algae or moss growing on the walls and a bit of graffiti painted in blue. Something is in the deep water, but I’m unsure of what it might be. I see a storm coming in the distance and images of fire. A woman walks the dunes, calling out…the wind blows fiercely,

the image now shifts to a birthday celebration for a young child. There is a birthday cake and balloons. The numbers “3” and “7” come through and the image of “underdog” ” twelve times twelve” and the name “Jodi”.


If any of these images makes sense to anyone, please contact me…