Messages for today…

Energies today feel fairly positive, but there are indications of shifting energy fields…be on your guard!


Todays impressions from beyond:

I have a man, in his late thirties, early forties- a teacher, stocky build, dark thinning hair and a goatee. His message is “Take care of Kayla”

associated images: a golden retriever and a beach ball.


I also have a woman…African american, thin,  elderly…she is sipping coffee…I know there are three children of concern to her,  most likely grandchildren….I see a baby boy, but now full grown-college age- the woman is worried that the boy is about to make a bad decision, possibly a marriage that’s too soon…I’m getting the name Markus.

if any of these images make sense to anyone, please contact me, and I’ll try to get more info….