Spirit Voices! 2/17/16


A bright and sunny day finally with a bit of warmer weather to boot!

Today I’m receiving the impression of a woman who is thin and tall, with long straight light hair…she is bend over in tears, sobbing softly…I see her in the kitchen of a Victorian style home, from her perspective the home is as it was when she was living, and she is standing beside the cook stove. In life she was both neglected and punished by her husband, who was a controlling and manipulative man. My feeling is that his temper got in the way of his good sense one day and he struck her blindly, which caused a problem with her vascular system. She passed a few weeks later. He had no regrets. The people who currently live in her house, fell her presence as a foreboding and heavy negativity in the kitchen area, and she can often be heard crying. I get the name Elois…and the name Nathan.

In mundane matters:

I will be available later today and tonight for phone readings…I haven’t forgotten to keep you updated on some of the new things coming. I’m in the test phase for various systems, this is taking a bit longer than anticipated.

Machts Gut!

R. Scott

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