Spirit Voices! 1/29/16


Today I’m receiving the impression of an older man, possibly in his 90’s…he is tall with a swarthy complexion, balding and with a birthmark on his forehead. he seems stooped over with a hunch in his back. He was a chewer of tobacco. It seems as if he lived alone for a long time, but was married when he was very young. I see him in an old farmhouse, with very few conveniences. He passed in his sleep of aging, and possibly of loneliness. He was frugal in life and very reclusive, blaming the world for his lot in life….Mean spirited somewhat he has very few friends or family. I get the name James.His Spirit has remained chained to his house and his delusions.

In mundane matters:

I have availability for phone readings today on my private line and also on keen.

Please arrange a call!

Machts Gut!

R. Scott


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