Spirit Voices! 1/1/16


I have been receiving the impressions of two Spirits, a man and a woman, both older, in their eighties or nineties…the man is tall and thin, balding and has a certain stoop to his walk…the woman is also thin and greying. I believe they were married. I see them in a farmhouse going about their business as if they were still living. I feel that they passed within days of each other and that they aren’t completely aware that they are dead. They cause havoc with the electrical system in the house which is now occupied by a young family. One of the children can see them occasionally.

On a mundane note, I made some changes to the website to make it easier to make an appointment. You can now pay for and schedule your phone reading from any page on the site using the PayPal menu.

In person readings can be scheduled by email or phone…email is best.

I do have availability for group readings throughout January (weather permitting).

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year,

Machts Gut!

R. Scott


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