Spirit Voices 7/30/15


Today I have a tall, older man with greying white hair. He is thin in face, almost emaciated. He appears to have suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. …I get the name “Rocco”. I see him in a nursing home setting. My feeling is that he worked for a foundry, or possibly a railroad, maybe both. I get the name “Bea” associated with him.  He has a son, tall and thin with dark hair.

Im receiving the word “Palermo” …I believe the older man was in WWII.  The number “486” comes through

if this means anything to anyone, please contact me…

Spirit Voices 7/29/15


Today I’m getting the image of a ship-an old tall ship with billowing sails…There is a captain wearing a blue uniform with a cap style hat. ..I get the name ” New Bedford” and the name “James Crowell”

This ship went down in a storm in the year 1859. I get the image of a young widow left with two children …the names “Enoch” and “Salathiel” come through. The captain seems to visit his old home searching for his wife and children.

The house itself is in the Queen Anne style with a mansard roof and a widows walk. There is a wrought iron railing on the roof and the house is surrounded by a wrought iron fence.  There is a family plot behind the house and I see two grave markers…they are of young children, but not the two mentioned previously…they are babies.


If if any of this means anything to you, please contact me…R.Scott

Spirit messages 7/17/15


Today I have the image of a man in his early 60’s. He has a pale complexion and silver grey hair, almost white. He is heavy-set and wears glasses. He is dressed in a white t-short and shorts. I’m getting the name “Nate” and also the name “Bill” . I see a woman with him…light completed with dark hair. She also wears glasses. She has sharp features. I see the image of a small cottage, a vacation home near the beach. The man was an avid fisherman. He passed from a heart condition. I get the name “Paul”.  An image comes of a sign reading “Mercy Hospital”.

If this means anything to anyone, please contact me….R.Scott

Spirit communication 7/16/15


Today I’m receiving the images of a woman, in her early sixties, with dark hair and a pale complexion. She is very thin and is wearing a long purple kaftan style dress. She is a singer of sorts, but probably not professional. She passed due to breast cancer that spread throughout her body. I get the name “Miriam”.

I’m  seeing a college town, although she doesn’t seem to be affiliated with any of the schools there. She has some family, but they were not extremely close. I’m getting the place name “Reading”, although it seems to be her place of origin. She has traveled extensively during her life and spent time in Paris.

if this makes sense to anyone, please contact me!  R.Scott

Spirit Impressions 7/15/15


Today I have the Spirits of twin girls. They are about two or three years old. They have long, blonde hair and blue eyes. They are dressed in the fashion of the late 20’s. I get the word “lost”. There is a farmhouse with a wooded patch behind. I see a deep water well. There is a young boy near the well. I’m hearing the name “Madeleine”.  Now the image shifts to an old man in a rocking chair on the porch of the same farmhouse, but it is many years later. I get the impression that he was the young boy near the well and that the twins were his sisters. The place name “leonardsville” comes through.


If this makes sense to anyone, please contact me….R.Scott

Spirit Impressions 7/9/15



Today I have a man in his early fifties, recently departed. He has greying hair and a mustache, and wears glasses. He has many children surrounding him, but none are biologically his. There are many pets as well. He passed suddenly possibly from a heart attack or stroke. I see fields of wheat so there likely a connection to the Midwest. I get the name “Sue” and also the name “Tyler” and “Dan”…there is the symbol of a key, and the image shifts to a fierce thunderstorm with lots of lightening in a mountainous area.

If this makes sense to anyone, please contact me.