Spirit impressions 6/10/15


Today we have a tall, older man, in his early eighties…he has thinning grey hair and wears thick glasses…he’s wearing very unassuming dress. I get the name “Myron” or “Marvin” …the name “Isabel” also comes through. The image shifts to a farm house with very few trees surrounding it. There is a small tree in the back yard…the man shows me a can of money buried under the tree. I get the impression that this was a long time ago, possibly the 30’s or 40’s. The image shifts again to the present time, a view of the same farmhouse, but now with many houses around it. There aware also more trees. The tree in the back yard is now full grown and there is an arrow pointing toward the base of the tree. I’m not sure of the location of this house, but I feel as if it is going to be torn down soon. The man seems desperate for someone to find the money.

If this means anything to anyone, please contact me..