Spirit messages 6/2/15



Today we have a young man in his late teens early twenties…he is tall and thin with dark hair. The name Josh or John comes through…he is accompanied by a small girl…they are siblings…the little girl passed first and the brother much later. The name Mary… Little girl passed from an illness and the boy in an auto accident. The mother left behind is still despondent despite the many years that have passed. The children are both fine and happy and they say to stop grieving. Image of a white rural church…Boise.


Second impression…an image comes through of a single oak tree against the evening sky…a tractor trailer accident, hitting the tree…a young man with longish dark hair, wearing glasses. Killed instantly…the names Penny and Skip…”rider” and a medallion with an eagle .

if any of these impressions make sense, please contact me.