Today’s Spiritual impressions 5/14/15

Energies today are slowly improving…good day for planning, but not for taking action! Rest, relax and dream.


Today we have an older man, early 70’s, heavy set and smoking a cigar, wearing a flat cap…I see a post war black car,  sedan style.  He is reaching out to a “Rose”. I’m getting the name “Vito” and the word “precious” …now comes and image of pearls and some type of medal, perhaps Catholic or a blessed relic.


Next comes a thin elderly white woman, with straight,  bobbed blond hair.  She has sharp features. She passed from a lung condition…she was a long time smoker. The name “Devin” comes through also “Daniel” …now I see 2 spaniel Dogs..the word “Fortesque” and ” smiling as always”

If any of these images mean anything to you, please contact me and I’ll try to get more info…