Today’s messages…

Energies today seem slightly less scattered then they were yesterday, but be on your guard! Things can change on a dime!
I’m getting two strong impressions today…the first is of a structure fire…one that at first seemed as if it were a convenience store or gas station, but may in fact be a home. Th Spirit coming through is female, thin, short reddish curly hair and glasses…clothing seems to be from the late 70’s or 80’s….I get the words Seagrove and Sand dollar. The associated names are Robin and Marion….she seems to be trying to reach a family member who is having a baby…trying to tell her she is very happy about this.

The second impression is not as strong…I get the name Robert Boswell….a choking feeling, possibly throat cancer. He appears to be in his late 70’s…I get the associated names of Liddy or Elizabeth….and a child names Jemma.

Again if any of these impressions make sense to anyone, please contact me and I’ll try to get a message through.