The Irminsul…


Irminsul. Its etymology means «big, majestic, powerful, huge, «which includes the whole ». Again it was the tree backbone of the multiverse. It reminds the Tyr rune because of the design of Irminsul (the vault of heaven supported by the universal column). The axis mundi connects the earth to heaven, where once again the aspect of communication (and even transcendence) is obvious. This rune is a spiritual symbol and the world order and justice (a small link: Justice often went under a tree …).


Ours is the path of our fathers, ours is that path which leads us to the  central point from which all true paths ultimately spring. Ours is the path of  enlightenment and furtherance, the ascertaining of true Holiness and wholeness in being through becoming… For the Irminist, that Holy central and unifying figure is undoubtedly the Irminsul, the greatest Germanic representation of the wholeness and holiness of Irmin or (the) Irmin-essence made manifest! Throughout the years, scholars have struggled to seek the one true definitive explanation to the phenomena- to find and proffer the true identity of who or what that figure ultimately is – be it a representation of a hypostasis of some God such as Ziu (Tyr) or Wodan, or simply the figurative embodiment of the collective magan and holiness of the Gods overall- the power of divinity,