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Chevalier Mal Fait! 

I don’t pretend to have an answer, except for myself.
I tend to view things from a macro cosmic/micro cosmic perspective, and in termsof the vedic trimurti-“creation”, maintenance, and “destruction” or my own
terms manifestation ,maintenance, and dissolution.
Just as in the cosmos there are forces, powers, personalities, aligned to
each of these functions, so too will there be many of us, as we are also
forces, powers and personalities in the cosmos.
Yet even these functions are not strictly delineated, they overlap, and by
their natures will be in strife, contention and opposition with another.
Yet even so they are complimentary and entwined.
They are all in the service of LIFE. So even in contention, I see cooperation.
And just as in the macro-cosm, galaxies collide, stars
explode,storms,earthquakes, mountains rise up, mountains are worn away,
where once an ocean, now a desert,where once a desert now a forest, etc, and
there is chaos and disorder, unbalance and raw discharges of energy, these
periods eventually settle into a new ‘order’, a new balance.

And call it what you will, there is fate or destiny or the will of the gods,
and then there is also our own wills, and our own choices as to whether to
exert ourselves in accordance or even defiance.
and for me yes, some things bring sorrow and grief, or gladness and joy, and
this also speaks to one of the meanings of passion, but through passion or
‘suffering’ comes wisdom, and we learn and we grow wiser.
I see this in the cycles, the turnings of the wheel, and so I
also am forever the optimist.

For everything there is a season and purpose under heaven
and what is, has been before, and what was, shall be again. there is nothing
new under the sun.

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