Enchanted Candles

Enchanted amulet candles…

2014-08-27 20.15.36

Pink love candle

Burn to manifest love in accordance with your true will!        $19.95

2014-08-27 20.16.09

Gentle Healing Candle

Burn to promote gentle healing for yourself or others. $19.95

2014-08-27 20.15.53

Prosperity/Money Drawing Candle

Burn for prosperity and to draw money. $19.95

2014-08-27 20.16.25

New Beginnings Candle

Burn at the start of a new venture, or when you are in a “rut” to induce a new pathway. $19.95

2014-08-27 20.16.53

Raven Candle

Used to seek the aid of the Raven, for wisdom and memory.



Unfortunately due to Coved-19, in person and group readings are not available. . I’ll update you when I’m available again. I’m still available for phone readings.

Bob (Ravn)