Bad Luck

Some days we just can’t seem to get it together…thoughts are mixed up and confused…all sorts of things go wrong and we feel as if we have a dark cloud hanging over our head…just plain bad luck!

When these days happen it’s often because we are not connected Spiritually to our higher self…we are not in harmony.

Bringing yourself back on point is a matter of reconnecting with the part of us that is Divine. There are many methods to do this…Prayer, meditation, those walks in Nature that i’m so fond of, or just sitting alone- All these can help to restore the Divine connection.

Once reconnected you will fell at peace with clarity of mind and purpose….Bad luck will flee from you!!


The company you keep

It’s been said that you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep…while this may be true, we all at times find ourselves surrounded either by people who seem to drain us of much of our energy, or by people who uplift us-

Which is better to be around?

It would seem at first that it’s best to be around those who uplift us, and that’s true to a point, but isn’t it also good to be around those that we can uplift?

Anyone who is whole, Body, Mind and Spirit, won’t have any trouble being surrounded by “negative energy”, because they will lift that energy up and transform it…

Be Transforming!!!


On a daily basis, most of us feel some form of stress. Day-to-day life in the 21st century can be difficult-and sometimes may seem impossible.

But are you stressed because of actual events happening around you?…

…or is it because you feel as if you’ve lost control of those events?

Some things that happen cannot be changed, but we can change our reaction to them.

When you feel out of control, meditate, take a walk on the beach, enjoy a warm bath or get out in nature.

None of these things will change the events happening to you, but they will help to cleanse your Spiritual channel and allow your higher self to rule the day-and that indeed can change things for the better!

Manifest your desires!

Have you ever been around people who seem to get everything they want? ..seemingly with little or no effort?..those that are happy and content with little care in the world? Did you ever wonder why you struggle all the time, and yet can’t seem to catch a break?

Well the reason may be that you are manifesting “defeatist energy”.

Spiritually, “like” attracts “like” , so the more that you dwell on how much you are struggling, the more “like” energy you attract….hence the struggles become more and more difficult…Conversely focusing on the positive things in your life will attract a positive care-free energy, and many of your wants will become manifest!

With a positive attitude you too can have the “Midas Touch”!