Membership Information

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A. Qualifications: Membership shall be offered to individuals upon recommendation of the Board of Directors and consensus of all full members of the church. No person Shall be denied access to membership on the basis of gender, race ethnic background, sexual preference, physical handicap, or age provided they have attained their majority.

B. Degrees of participation and membership: Participants in the programs sponsored by this church may include the following:

i. Guests: Interested parties who may attend all open activities, and church only activities in the company of a full member with the consent of the Board of Directors.

ii. Congregants: Persons who support the open activities of the congregation.

iii. Dedicates: persons who have dedicated themselves to the study of the Path of Witchcraft and who with the approval of the Board of Directors, are following the prescribed course of study in the church. After a year and a day of participation, a Dedicate may be asked to state his/her intention to qualify for ordination into the Priesthood or to withdraw for advancement in the Church.

iv. Membership in the Church shall be limited to:

a. Congregants: Persons who have been active in the Craft and specifically this church for at least a year and a day, and have met all requirements for initiation as defined by the Board of Directors.

b.  Full Members: Initiates

c.  Administrative Members: The Board of Directors.