Dona learned to read cards from her grandmother at a very young age. She was born with a sixth sense and doubted her ability for some years. However her spirituality quest led her to realize not only did she know how to read the cards, the messages would come to help others seeking answers on their journey. She has been reading for friends most of her life, professionally for about 6 years.

One thought on “Helenanna”

  1. Hello Dona
    We are looking for a group reading, or a medium to come for some readings, on Saturday April 28th at around 5 or 6pm in Ocean View NJ 08230
    We’re right outside Ocean City NJ
    Could you kindly advise if this is something you’d be interested in doing and if so are you available on this date?
    We’d really appreciate a quote from you.
    Thank you for your time.

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Phone Readings:


Due to the spread of the Corona Virus, I will not be doing in person or group readings for the time being. I will still be available for phone readings!


I will call you via the number you provide, during general availability times. First come, first served!

Bob (Ravn)