Spirit Voices! 8/28/15


Today I’m receiving the impressions of a woman from Philadelphia. The name “Stella” comes through and I get “Christian Street”. She is of Italian extraction. I get fleeting images of her as both heavy-set and then painfully thin, as if an illness took her vitality. I’m receiving the name “Joe” or “Joseph” associated with her and I see her making some type of holiday cookies or desserts. She passed in her house and has never left. The house is no longer owned by her family, and she seems confused. I feel as if she is very protective of a child now living in her home…she seems to relate to the child as if it was her own child. The family in the house isn’t aware of her presence, but the child is.

Her own family does however live not far from the house. She occasionally visits them as well, and leaves symbols of her visit in the form of coins and feathers. During life she was active in some type of Catholic charity…

if any of this means anything to anyone, please contact me.



Spirit Voices! 8/27/15


Today I have the impression of an elderly couple who passed within one day of each other. They had just returned from a vacation in the Caribbean, when the man was stricken with a heart attack…he died almost immediately, and the wife followed soon after…I have the feeling that she passed from a stroke. They were fated to be together…they had been together since they were very, very young, and possibly in many other lifetimes. There is the name “Ruth” …I get a connection to Philadelphia…somewhere in the Northeast, perhaps Mayfair. There are children and grandchildren, who are still in shock over their deaths. I feel that they had traveled extensively, Throughout Europe and the United States. I get the image of an anchor…possibly relating to travel by ship.  I also get the image of a collie and a beagle.

If any of this makes sense to anyone, please contact me….R.Scott


Spirit Voices 8/26/15


Today I have the Spirit of a woman, in her early 40’s….she was a free spirit In life. She was one who moved to the beat of a different drum. I get the impression that she passed due to some type of cancer that was fast spreading…she really didn’t have the time or the inclination to get her affairs in order before she died. She left behind a daughter, whom she loved well, but because of her free spirited ways, didn’t often do the things for her daughter that should have been done, at least from her perspective. The daughter grew up fine though.

I get the name “Julia” …I’m not sure whether that is her name or her daughters. She seems to have enjoyed yoga. I get the impression that she led a macrobiotic lifestyle, and it was a complete sunrise that she developed cancer.

I do feel that at one point she visited England and loved London.

If she had any regrets, it would be that she didn’t think that she was always there for her daughter.

If this makes any sense to anyone, please contact me…R.Scott

Spirit Voices! 8/25/15


Today I am receiving the image of a young boy, tragically killed while riding a bicycle…he is about 9 or 10 years old. He has light hair and blue or green eyes.  It seems he was trying to cross the street and thought he could get across before a car came…he didn’t make it.

It seems he comes around his family quite often and he is with a dog…I’m thinking a German Shepard. I get the name “Whildin” . I get the impression that the accident happened in summer, and it didn’t happen recently. The image of a small mom and pop store comes through…perhaps the boy frequented this place.

if this means anything to anyone, please contact me….R.Scott

Spirit Voices 8/24/15


Today I am receiving the image of a man in his late 20’s…a victim of a motorcycle accident, he is tall with light, almost reddish hair….it seems the there was a collision with a large tractor trailer, somewhere on a dark highway late at night. The man was recently married and had a small child, a toddler. The wife is now remarried, and the child is grown. I get the nam “Hal” or perhaps “Hank” ….the Spirit of the man has never really left his family and turns the lights on and off in their home. The daughter saw him when she was young, but now doesn’t…I feel as if the daughter is old enough now to be married, and is planning to do so…she has her father’s blessing…he is with her all the time, even though she never really knew him in life.

If this means anything to anyone, please contact me.

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Spirit Voices 8/21/15


Today I receiving images of the sea once again…I have another fishing boat with a small crew that went down off the coast of Cape May. I get the family name “Leaming” and the name “Jeff”.  I have a very thin, tall man with short light hair..he seems to be in his late 30’s…his body was not recovered. The name “Trudy” is somehow associated with him. I get the image of a gold star and the word “pontaxit”

Next comes a woman…old and frail…sitting in the parlor of her farmhouse…she is lonely and has few family. I feel that she passed in the house, but wasn’t discovered for quite some time. I get the word “renewed” , and a sense of pride in her few possessions. She stays within the house and the current owners feel her presence. The name “Elizabeth” comes through.

If any of this means anything to anyone, please contact me.

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Spirit voices 8/20/15


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Today we have a man and a woman who both passed at the same time due to an automobile accident…they are both heavy set with grey hair and are in their seventies. The accident was quite bad and seemed to be in the South Jersey area. I see a farm with a great deal of product. They left behind some family and a bit of property. They are with a few family members as well.

Im also picking up the Spirit of a possible suicide…young man I. His early 20’s…my impression is that he really didn’t want to kill himself, but was seeking attention and something went wrong. I get the name Daniel.

If any of this makes any sense to anyone…please contact me.

I’m appalled by this…


Last month I noticed a for sale sign go up on a local historic home. The house is 291 years old, and belonged to a founding family of Cape May County… It is on the register of historic places. It had been willed to the Cape May County Historical museum by the family that built and occupied the house for all this time. There was great interest when the house was deeded to the museum…plans to restore it and utilize it as a museum, and for students to study the unique architecture of Cape May County.

I was curious as to why the house now was for sale. In the past couple of days articles started appearing in the local papers that the property was sold and the house is to be raised.


At any rate… I submitted my application to the Historic Preservation Committee…something must be done to save this home!


Spirit Voices 8/3/15


Today I have the image of “Joe and Carlotta” …both heavyset and of Italian heritage… The image seems to be of them as they were in the 1950 ‘s … I get the feeling that they lived in Brooklyn, NY and that Joe was a fireman. They were very much in love- married for more than 50 years at the time of Joes death…Carlotta followed soon after. …I get the image of a Scapular and a relic perhaps from a Pope.

I get the word “Mowery” and see a family dinner with an enormous amount of people….they were well loved by family and friends….

they have a message to “Michael”…” We are very happy that you are married, and we watch over the baby all the time”