Spirit impressions..5/22/15


Today we have the image of a boardwalk in the evening…lots of rides and entertainment…an older man comes through…he is thin with dark hair…he is balding…he has sharp facial features…the name Lou comes through…he is wearing a yellow cardigan sweater  and a white shirt…he is of Italian extraction.  I see a wristwatch with the time 3 ‘o’clock …a rocks glass with whiskey…the name Rosalee and the word Napoli.


The next impression is of a fishing boat, with outriggers… It is stormy and the boat goes down…the name Richard …there is one saved…the words “2 fathom” and “wreck” …the name ” Jablonski” and the words ” hearing impaired” …I see the image of a bell, and the word ” krugerand”


if if any of these impressions mean anything to you, please contact me….




Today we have a man in his late 50’s or early 60’s…he has a very bright smile and salt and pepper hair, neatly coiffed. He is short and stocky and comes in with a spaniel type dog. He is dressed for golfing. The name Madeleine comes through and something about a house fire. I have a baby I’m a stroller and the image of 5 gold coins….he seems happy, yet unsettled.


next comes a woman…Gretchen…she is very old, wearing an apron and house dress…she hasn’t moved on because she doesn’t want to leave her house…she seems to be waiting for her husband to come home, but he’s already passed on. There is a new family living in the house…I get the number 215.


if any of this means anything to anyone, please contact me and I’ll try to get more info…

Today’s Spiritual impressions 5/14/15

Energies today are slowly improving…good day for planning, but not for taking action! Rest, relax and dream.


Today we have an older man, early 70’s, heavy set and smoking a cigar, wearing a flat cap…I see a post war black car,  sedan style.  He is reaching out to a “Rose”. I’m getting the name “Vito” and the word “precious” …now comes and image of pearls and some type of medal, perhaps Catholic or a blessed relic.


Next comes a thin elderly white woman, with straight,  bobbed blond hair.  She has sharp features. She passed from a lung condition…she was a long time smoker. The name “Devin” comes through also “Daniel” …now I see 2 spaniel Dogs..the word “Fortesque” and ” smiling as always”

If any of these images mean anything to you, please contact me and I’ll try to get more info…

Messages for today 5/13/15

Energies today are again in flux…mechanical breakdowns are possible…guard against defeatist thoughts!


Today we have a small child, a girl approximately 5 years old, carrying a doll, Sesame Street “Scooter”..”Melanie” or “Mel” …she’s reaching out to “Gamma” ..she says ” Don’t be sad, I’m not far from you, I’m with Eddie”. Associated is the name Rachel and the images of chocolate milk and pearl earrings.


Next comes Dominic..youngish male, late 20’s… Big beefy guy, but not what you’d call fat, with curly dark hair..I get the associated name “Tony” and images of a claddadh ring…the message ” hop springs eternal” and ” keep on keeping on”.

Messages from Spirit 5/12/15

Energies today are good, but many may be accident prone so be careful!


Today we have a woman in her late thirties/early forties…she has straight dark blonde hair. She passed from cancer. Her husband is re-married,  and she is ok with this. There are 2 children, now adult, and she is happy with their choices. I get something about Switzerland and the image of a cuckoo clock…the word “Radcliffe” and the name “Joey”.

Next is a man in the navy WWII era. I get the word “Rheingold” the number “773” and the name “Pierson” …the image shifts  to a foggy port  in the northeast, perhaps Maine…and “USCG”

if these impressions mean anything to anyone, please contact me.

Spirit messages 5/11/15

Todays energies are relatively calming….although the tendency for them to become more rigorous is likely.  Care must be taken in any communication as misunderstandings could occur!


I’m getting the image of 2 people on a ski slope..feeling of an avalanche, killing them both…the name Brad, then switching to images of a rodeo…the name Cummings…an image of a silver star, and “Plainfield” ….the Names Sarah and David.

Next comes through the color dusty rose and a flowering almond tree, and older man tends a garden, perhaps a smell farm..ducks, chickens and geese…then a peach pie…the name Bruce…..now comes the name Molly…

If any of this has any meaning to you, please contact me and I’ll try to get more information…

Spirit messages 5/5/15

Today’s energies: Compound energies, much better than yesterday-changes occurring…love is beginning to bloom for many.


I have a woman, Vicky, dark hair appearing younger. she is showing me 2 children, a boy and a girl…she shows me a suburban street, kids playing…summertime…I’m seeing an auto accident, Damage to the throat area…2 names Jason and Jennifer….She’s around her children all of the time….I get Freeport, Maine…


I have a Jim Bardwell, older man, greying hair…Lung trouble,,,,2 sisters left behind an a son. James Jr…Message ” Protect the house, don’t the them tear it down”  I’m also getting hidden money and 200.

Today’s messages…5/4/15

Energies today are ok, but still a bit reckless…finances paramount in focus!


I have images of a waverunner and then a man named John, recently departed…fireman…134 Frontenac…Peaceful parting…a small child, Melissa….15 birds…reaching out to brother…”you couldn’t get here any faster” …peaceful.

The second image is of a middle aged woman, Mary…layinjg in bed…consumption…not at rest…sanitarium..repeating over and over “where’s my baby?” Bloomington.

If any of these messages mean anything to anyone, contact me and I’ll try to get more….


Today’s Spirit Impressions…

Energies today are defeating…strong, wild and unpredictable…use caution!


First Spirit is a young man, dark hair and mustache, Erik…I see the World Trade Center, 911 …Windows on the World restaurant…Image of the man falling….the word “winter” strong Image…then the image of a cat..and the word “tabby”. The name Simone comes next, the Brooklyn and Naragansett…the word “reticulated” and the message “something else is coming”


Second Spirit is also a man, lying on a beach, but I cannot see his face. I get the word “lippincott” and the name Michael Lang…Image of flip flops and a coppertone sign. Next an image of a pony…the message is “Michelle, you should marry him!”

If these images make senser to anyone, please contact me and i will try to get more..