Memorial Day…

It’s Memorial Day weekend here on Cape May, and while we are anticipating the normal throngs of tourists that triple the population during the summer, we are also taking the time to celebrate the holiday the way most locals so…by staying home! Driving can be a nightmare here an any holiday weekend…living at a seashore town has its benefits, but crowds during the summer is not one of them! By winter though all this fades into memory.

But as we celebrate, go to the beach, BBQ or just relax at home, let us also remember that the day is in honor of those who gave their lives in service to their country- and that is something that can not be forgotten!

Little boxes…

I have a little imaginary box that I put all my troubles in- a small box made of ebony. Everyday when I have negative thoughts, I open that little box and dump all those thoughts into it.

The box is tiny outside, but enormous inside, and filled to the brim. Someday, like Pandora’s I fear that box will open.

There are little boxes in everyone’s life…some small, some large…some full, some empty….

Oh to have an empty one.

Time marches…

It’s undeniably truthful that a few years after you’ve reached the half century mark, time moves at a different pace.

When I was a kid, the summers seemed to last a whole year, and now the seasons pass so quickly that I can’t even get accustomed to one, when the next is upon me.

They say time is relative, and I suppose they are correct.

its important to make what you can out of every moment given to you.  In doing so, perhaps time will slow again to a crawl and year long summers  will no longer be a thing of the past.

Changing nature…the sands of time…


This morning I took a long walk at one of our seashore wildlife preserves…I hadn’t been there since just after hurricane Sandy. I wanted to see how the beach area had fared. Seems the beach was broader than I remembered .An old section of railroad track, that hadn’t seen the light of day since the storm of ’62, was exposed…

Amazing how things from the past can come to light after a major upheaval.

It’s the same with us Spiritually. Often when we’ve gone through a rough time emotionally, many old wounds open up, ready to be viewed and either preserved or discarded.

The choice is ours…

All the places…

When I think about all the places I’ve been over the last 10 years, it amazes me- the beauty of Belize and Honduras, the stunning blue waters of the Caribbean, the charm of old San Juan …

Still nothing is quite like springtime at the Jersey Shore, the place I call home. Even though I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Cape May peninsula,  I always return here.

Spirits of place are important and over the years I’ve developed quite a relationship with the Spirits of this place, perhaps that’s why I never leave.

Endeavor always to be attuned to the Spirit around you…especially I’m your home place…it’s a wonderful thing!

Kannscht du Micke fange?

It’s a cloudy day today, but that hasn’t stopped the wonders of nature- more bees than I have seen in a few years, swarming over the wisteria in the back yard. Gnats too are biting and that with the dogwood in bloom, means the drumfish in the Delaware bay will be biting also.

It’s easy to complain about the gnats and Mosquitos that seem relentless on a warm cloudy day, but remember they too have their place in nature. They are food for the countless birds and at dusk, the bats.

Take a different look at the things that may bother you- there’s another side to everything troubling- and it’s usually something good!

Wenn sie hocke bleiwe!


Could it be that those little insights that come out of the blue are just random thoughts? Or are they something more?

These thoughts often can be Spirit sending you a message…some call this intuition…it’s really the same thing.

When these thoughts occur don’t try to over-think them, adding on interpretations that may not have any relevance to the original message. This is just your ego trying to make sense of the will often add to the message-sometimes changing it completely.

Take the message at face value…either heed it, or don’t, just don’t make it into something it wasn’t meant to be!

Don’t over-think!


There’s not much better than pure sunlight to clear your head and make your Spirit soar!

The same can be said of a good thunderstorm, with it’s raging energy- Thunderstorms are rarely calming…Sunlight, however on a warm spring day can help make your troubles seem far away indeed.

The pure energy of the sun is uplifting and is another thing which can help to bring your soul together.

Let your Spirit soar with the wind on a warm spring day…


Hands to work…hearts to God.

There’s an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying “hands to work, hearts to God”…I was thinking about that quite a bit today as I did a great deal of outdoor work at the new house.

It’s important to keep yourself busy doing things that help to progress you forward and aid in reconnecting and grounding your Spirit…seems to keep all the parts of you together. Adding to that benefit is that Spirit somehow becomes more present the more fulfilling the work.

We should all endeavor to produce good work, because that will in turn produce Spiritual Blessings!

Be Blessed!

A charmed life!

Looking out at the beauty of nature, I can’t see to think of anything more in life for which I could possibly ask! The sun is shining-the flowers are in full bloom-everything is extraordinary!

Nature doesn’t ask for much, a bit of warmth from the sun, a little refreshing rain- But what it can manifest from so little is amazing!

We too can take minimal gifts from Spirit and manifest amazing, extraordinary things in our life!

Get right and manifest!!!