Spirit Voices! 9/14/15


Today I’m receiving the image of a man…very frightened…standing on the ledge of a building and preparing to Jump…he is Asian or Indian, and he is thinking about his children and his family at home…I feel that he is at work, but is either despondent over a situation, or extremely worried. I’m not getting depression around him though…I’m getting the image of fire, and a great deal of smoke. He may be avoiding being burnt in a fire and contemplating jumping rather than a worse fate. I’m now getting the image of a stone temple…seems Thai to me so that may be the man’ s place of origin. I get the words “eastern front” and the image of a plane.

If any of this means anything to you, please contact me.

This Saturday and Sunday I will be at Historic Cold Spring Village assisting as an interpreter in the Dennisville Inn…this is for the Guilded Festival…a steampunk fest. I’ll be giving information as well on my Psychic and mediumship readings. Hope to see you there!


Spirit Voices! 9/10/15


Today there is a woman trying to communicate…she were drowned in a boating accident somewhere in the Caribbean….I feel as if there was some type of foul play involved, but I am unsure of the details…this would have happened 30 years ago or so. I get the name “Vicky” and an image of the back of the boat with the letters “Mars….” I only get those 4 letters and can’t make out the rest of the name. I get the place name ” Tortuga”  my impressions is that the accident was blamed on alcohol intoxication, but that there was something other than alcohol in the woman’s system. The man is still living.  Seems he is the CEO of some rather large company and that he’s remarried.  Details of the death have been covered up.

If any of this means anything to you, please contact me…

I will be at Historic Cold Spring Village on the 19th and 20th of September, at the Dennisville Inn doing the historic Interpretation of the Inn as well as some Spirit Communication, please stop by for their Guilded festival!